A Letter To A Ghost…

July 23, 2015

It is rare to find, a friend like you, that knows me down to the abyss, that grasps the part of me that is unspoken; the old soul that I am trying so hard to embrace and allow to shine through.

I miss you.

Perhaps you are a ghost, only existing in my mind and my memories of your physical presence a mere dream, as you are nowhere to be found in my daily material life. Your energy comes over me in a wave, inhabiting my entire being; it can happen in the middle of everything and during nothing.

I have buried you, but there is no part of my soul deep enough to keep you entombed.  I have cursed you, yet you continue to enthuse me with your calm.  I have tried to send you away…but your aura remains steadfast.  You want something but will not communicate it…I can understand you if you speak, so speak or leave me alone.

The connection is clear, primordial; as if we have walked the earth in many forms, forever linked and destined. We cannot inhabit the same space for long, as it becomes cumbersome, distracting, conflicting; yet you are right here, I feel you.

Our energy transcends all space and time and yours consumes my every moment until you release me.  I cannot continue unless you participate…trust me you ghost, walk through the door…I am on the other side.


Photo credit: Eddi van W

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