May 2, 2015

Fear; fear to love all that she wants, fear to ask for all that she wants, fear to live as loud as she wants.  Fears instilled by the mother, the father, the bully. Insecurities that were not innate but were inoculated.  She was born free; her inner self was telling her to be different, to be spectacular, confident.  All only to be quashed by societal categorization, family expectation, religious absurdity.   She desperately attempted to fit in but it went against the nucleus of her being.  It was an uncomfortable existence.  Rebellion, confusion, resignation; she suffered through.  The time has come and she will deteriorate no more.

Her true essence is rebounding and revolting against her counterfeit facade.  There are no more materials to fortify the cage in which she resides.  It is a weak, old, and pathetic square that cannot contain an ounce of her soul.  At an age where most tend to resign their life is what it will always be, she begins anew.  There is nothing that can tame her, nothing that can make her stop, and nothing that will keep her. She will stand up, walk straight and be true to her.  She will forsake all those who attempted to suppress her; she will forgive herself for doing the same.  She will be the magnificent enigma she was designed to be.

Fear of rejection will not stop her from bravely going forward, for the denunciation simply removes an obstacle from her path.  Negativity has no hold on her; it is easily cast off as she moves forward, left to wither in its own dismal intent.  Her power of self is great, as if in all the time boxed up she was appropriating strength from whatever scraps she was fed in order to explode into purposeful existence.

She is free to run, free to be, free to love life without fear.

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