She Lingers…

May 21, 2015

As the sun sets and casts its shadows, she lingers.  The sand between her toes and her husband’s hand in hers, she gazes at the little one that enriched their family.  Blowing bubbles, singing, running in the surf, the true art of loving life without fear summed up in the spirit of a 3-year-old.  There is no time other than now; she breathes in the salt air absorbing the moment so it can last forever.

There is nothing but calm in her depths; the emotion that requires nothing; peace.  She feels only tranquility emanating from her partner, delight from her child.  If only in every instant of life could she hold such sereneness.  The best place in the world is right here right now; she lingers.

“Let it go” rings out from her daughter’s lungs as she zigzags across the sand leaving little footprints to be washed away; the sea capturing her wholesome energy to help cleanse itself.  The sun drops, leaving only a sliver of orange resting on top a blanket of blue.  It is time to go, yet she lingers.



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