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August 1, 2015
I am not sure exactly how to begin this post. I started this blog to express emotions of all kinds, to enable me to Love Life Without Fear, to explore myself, face my fears, practice writing and just become me; if I touched people with it, all the better. I was not prepared that part of becoming true to myself would involve me taking a stand on what I care about and putting it out there to see if I can make a difference…but it has. So I will digress for a moment from my normal short poetic posts and state my position…all comment are welcome!

The article Sometimes It’s Just Easier To Care About Dead Lions Than Dead People by blogger Matt Walsh, (posted by a Facebook friend) bothered me.  He does not understand why everyone is so upset over the death of a lion.  He goes on to talk about how it easy to care about lions when they are all the way in Africa and it is hard to care about people because they are real and that requires sacrifice.  He states “Progressivism loves everything that can be loved lazily or indulgently, and nothing that must be loved sacrificially and earnestly. It loves nothing that requires any action on its part.”   Wait, what??  Did he just say I was lazy because I care about threatened and endangered animals?  Did he just say I was not sacrificing anything to care about them?  Did he just surmise that I do not care about human welfare?

How about this Mr. Walsh, those of us who care about the planet and all its natural resources might understand that without those natural resources and animals the ecosystem as we know it may not survive, which means what…Oh yes, that we (meaning humans) may not survive!  Mr. Walsh you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but to say our outrage over Mr. Palmer’s actions of killing Cecil the Lion is “misdirected vengeance” because we are too lazy to express anger over human issues, is itself misdirected, for it is Mr. Palmer and those like him who truly do not care for the human condition.   You state he is a false Satan and we are all too afraid to do battle with the real one…I would say this incident has outraged us to uncover the real Satan, that which is greed.

Everything that happens is attached to greed.  They are selling body parts of fetuses out of greed, poaching animals out of greed, raping the planet out of greed, money scams out of greed, drilling the arctic out of greed, making solar too expensive for everyone to use out of greed, ETC…  Greed does not have a political party, it is everywhere.  You are correct Mr. Walsh when you state we need a target for our “withheld scorn”, because for whatever reason, this incident brought to light not only the problems of trophy hunting and endangered animals, but everything you spoke about in your article regarding the human condition.  Our withheld scorn is out and it is not just about Mr. Palmer and Cecil, it is about all living things and all tragedies that are a result of actions like his.  You insult me to speak that it is otherwise.

Do you want to know why everyone is outraged over Mr. Palmer luring a beautiful creature out for the sole purpose of mounting its head as a trophy?  It is because even if we rid the earth of poachers, poverty, etc., there would still be people out there like Mr. Palmer.  People who for whatever reason have no sense of self or connection to the universe, people who only gain satisfaction from “taking”.  Those that give no thought beyond “I want so I shall get, by whatever means” are the evil that the world needs to be rid of, whether it is the head of an oil conglomeration who could care less what he destroys, or some phony environmentalist that makes money off the protests and could care less if anything is saved…they are everywhere.  We are outraged over Mr. Palmer because his actions characterize the type of person who buys the body parts, who buys the drugs, who buys the ivory, who uses slave labor.  He personifies everything you dislike about the “progressives” raging against him.  His actions epitomize that which is destroying the world…entitlement, greed, stupidity, and a clear lack of respect and knowledge for the planet that feeds him air.

My hope is that this outrage is only the beginning, that this ignites pressure for the powers that be to actually take action and protect the planet, its animals, soil, water, air, and yes, people.

photo credit: Martin LaBar




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  • Reply Jay August 6, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    I tend to agree with Matt Walsh and had similar feelings. I’m glad his post has started a conversation, which continues here on your own blog. There isn’t really a right or wrong – it’s certainly not wrong to feel bad about the lion – but it is important to talk about why more people are riled up over Cecil than over so many other human causes.

    • Reply K. K. August 6, 2015 at 4:32 pm

      Thank you for checking it out and for your comment. I do not think all people are more riled up over Cecil that human causes,( I think people just choose to view it that way to throw their “cause” into the media.) The point of my blog, we are riled up over the greed and that it is all connected no matter which way you think.

  • Reply vicnocal August 2, 2015 at 1:22 pm

    Way to totally miss the point of Walsh’s blog – that’s a common thing among liberals, they cherry pick a couple of sentences, and play the victim by saying something like “So you’re saying I’m lazy and I don’t care”. Stop playing the victim and mix in some reading comprehension. Walsh’s point was that something is wrong in society when the killing of a lion in Africa is made a huge deal out of, when people want to ruin the dentist’s life over it…and YET, many of those same people don’t care at all or even ENCOURAGE the genocidal-like murder of millions of aborted human babies. He even spells out that he is against the lion’s kiling. However, he is also against abortion – at least he’s consistent. Basically he’s saying you can’t be against the Lion’s killing and at the same time be pro-abortion, at least not without coming across as a lunatic.

    • Reply K. K. August 2, 2015 at 2:08 pm

      Thank you for commenting.

  • Reply badfish August 1, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    As much as I admire your posting this in such vivid terms, and the fact that I’d have to agree with you on all points, you are missing the point here. Know that I am a peaceful man, but sometimes I become human. What needs to happen to this guy (the lion killer) is that somebody needs to go over to his house with, say, a baseball bat (because we don’t want to actually kill him) and beat the guy senseless, as if he had any sense. What needs to happen to Walsh is entirely different. Someone needs to go to his house and simply put his head on straight. Jeesh, do I really live in this world?

    • Reply K. K. August 1, 2015 at 5:32 pm

      Surely in all your travels you have dealt with the stupid, the ignorant, the pompous? You could beat them within an inch of their life and they would still be the same, but you are right, sure would make us feel better, we are all animals after all and one good hunt deserves another. 🙂 Oh, and stay tuned for my response to Mr. Ted Nugent! HA! Thanks for stopping by and reading!!

      • Reply badfish August 1, 2015 at 5:44 pm

        Right. I’m waiting.

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