It is all smoke and mirrors

May 28, 2015

In response to “A Mystery wrapped in an Enigma”

She knows how to play the game but only pretends to play it, appearing as what the world expects while being true to herself.   Some would call that a lie, a facade, a false presentation; it is not, for she is forthright and honest to those that ask.  She wonders why most choose to assume versus inquire for the reality.  It is all smoke and mirrors, not of her creating, but of those that only see what they want to see, not what really is.  The supposition of what she is, is not hers to surmise.  Her task is to just be.

No one knows that she is everything society assumes and is everything that it does not.  She is a woman who doesn’t just feel herself deeply,  but senses the feelings of others.  She is a wildlife biologist and at her core a scientist who believes everything is connected.  She believes in a higher power but that the bible was written by man, not by God.  She is a homemaker who embraces the word but she does not allow it to define her.  She is in the traditional wife role, but doesn’t really practice it.   She is a writer who shares her own life’s challenges, no matter how revealing, hoping it will make a difference.  She is a woman who judges herself too harshly but does not pass judgement on others.  She will always tell it like it is, but only if asked.  She is an individual and owes no explanation.  She is a woman who knows that you always get what you ask for, so ask wisely.  She is a mother, but the mother of an enigma.  She does not waste her time on superficiality.  She is a person who is striving to love life without fear.  She is me.

So blow your smoke and place your mirrors society,  make sure the view is appeasing to the eye; She (I), would certainly hate to make you uncomfortable…

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A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma



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  • Reply badfish May 28, 2015 at 6:07 pm

    simply rather beautiful!!!

    • Reply K. K. May 28, 2015 at 6:31 pm

      Why Thank you very much!

    Would love to hear what you think!!!

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