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On a Clear Day

June 1, 2015

The forbidden island shows itself.  It is with wonder she stands and sees, the deep eroded valleys, the coastal plain, a perfect rain cloud hovering above.   She marvels at the amount of angry destruction over the years to build such a place.  The spewing of hot molten lava slowly building out of the sea, hard and desolate, alien; to eventually be broken up and softened by a simple blade of grass, the seed of which dropped by a gliding bird looking for a home.  Most days it is like a shadow, a faint silhouette against a hazy sky, an apparition; a lie.    But today is a clear day.

It is with wonder she stands and sees, the deep lines of experience, the scars of battle of self, a fresh glimmer of authenticity.  She marvels at the sudden eruption of her own truth, the annihilation it held, the isolation; the pool of bubbling hot verity no one wanted to encroach, slowly turning into the sea of tranquility.  She got lost in the murkiness, lost her way on a path created by someone else; was agreeable for the ease of it.  But today is a clear day.

Genuineness is an energy that cannot be mistaken for a lie, it just is sometimes veiled behind turmoil, buried underneath a rigid surface; hidden in a shadow.   The truth is always visible to those that know how to look for it…on any day.


Truth or Dare

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